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  • PRO/EDR> Ebola update (19): Congo DR (NK,IT) cases, summaries, news, UNICEF
    Mon, 18 Feb 2019 18:28:23 -0500
    Ebola -- DR Congo
    - Since the beginning of vaccination on 8 Aug 2018, 80 491 persons have been vaccinated [total numbers of people vaccinated in North Kivu, Ituri, Tshopo, and Haut-Uele can be seen at the source URL above].
    Communicated by:
    ProMED-mail Rapporteur Mary Marshall
    [2] Outbreak summary
    Date: Fri 15 Feb 2019
    Source: CIDRAP (Center for Infectious disease Research and Policy) [abridged, edited]

    Ebola still claiming lives as DRC cases climb to